This is the real sign that you are not a musician. Firstly watching a YouTube video to learn to play the guitar does not make you a musician.

The real Sign that you are not a musician is a lack of talent. However, a lack of talent is not enough, we are all budding singers, but for someone to become a real musician, they need to take it to the next level and become professional musicians. Below are the actual signs that you are not a professional, but you are stuck in the armature mode.

You are an amateur musician by profession (not a professional!)

There are several significant differences between the careers and amateurs of successful musicians. Professional musicians thrive in the music industry because they expect exceptional talent from themselves and everyone who joins them. Amateur musicians are still enthusiasts because they accept a mediocre music career.

Amateur musicians will actually spend most of their time playing in bands with musicians who are not serious about achieving the highest level of success.

Professional musicians can only work with people in the music industry who are committed to achieving this goal.

Similarly, amateur musicians meet band members, friends, or colleagues and are pessimistic about their musical success dreams.

Your live performances are better suited to your room than to the audience.

One of the most obvious signs of amateur musicians is their inability to perform well on stage. If you want to give professional performances that attract many people, sell music and merchandise, and take the band to a new field, stage performances and musical instruments are not enough.

Every time you perform on stage, you should inspire all audience members to thank all your friends and how good your band is (so they’ll tell you the next time you call and I’ll come to you).

The more you do, the faster you / your band will move to play in small bars to large concert halls and eventually to the stadium and major music festivals.

Ruin your music career

Musicians love to talk about jumping if they don’t have career or career opportunities. The fact is that most people experience most of the great options ahead because of fear and anxiety.

Don’t be one of those musicians. Similarly, don’t let procrastination or laziness is the reason you are not a professional musician. Besides, don’t let your unreasonable fear of failure die in your dream of a music career. Start recording your debut album, create a new band, get involved in songwriting, or build a career.

Follow these key steps to advance your music career, first set your most essential music goals, then work with your teacher to guide you through each step until you reach your goals.

Life situations take your music career hostage

If you spend your free time at the end of each moment, it is impossible to build a successful music career because you work all day (non-music work).

One way to get out of your daily routine and embark on a full-time music career is to develop a strategy for a smooth transition from one person to the next.

For example, you can cut your daily working hours from 40 to 35 hours a week and devote another 5 hours to a music career. Earning money from music can further reduce the time spent on daily work and a music career.

You decide to fulfill your musical dream but still don’t know

One of the best ways to interrupt your music career is to listen to people who are not successful professional musicians:

  • “Being a musician is not a real job.”
  • Do you want to be a rock star? Yes!
  • “All musicians are starving artists. They want to change just around the corner. “
  • “The music industry is hazardous. We need to find a safer job. “
  • “If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to finish college and play in parallel.”

In fact, the music industry is a very safe area (for those taking the right steps to make a living from music).

Actually, most of the dedicated professionals in the music industry aren’t hungry artists. They live a comfortable life as they see fit and are completely unknown.

In fact, making a lot of money in the music industry is much easier than most people think, and your income is safe. Nevertheless, countless musicians have listened to the pessimistic suggestions of other people who even work in the music industry. As a result, they began to believe that their musical dreams were too unreal, if not impossible.

To actually be successful as a professional musician, you just need to listen to the people who want to be successful.

You really can’t make any money in the music industry

Actually, Amateur musicians spend a lot of time recording their own music and practicing their instruments but don’t know how to experience it.

Musicians often spend months writing and recording their first album and uploading it. And nobody hears of it. As a result, they were frustrated, their music career was cut short, and they didn’t try anything meaningful.

Who can have a singer’s soul?

Many people can also sing and play musical instruments. However, not everyone has a singer’s soul. You don’t have to be a singer or musician to have a singer’s soul. You can be anyone in the world, no matter what your age or profession. In any case, life will be useful for you. Do you have a singer’s soul?

Is your music career right for you?

These are just some signs that a professional career as a musician may be right for you. Anyone thinking of a music career knows what it takes to learn to play a musical instrument, but this is only the first step.


Do you want to be a musician? I’m a musician. I did not try. I wanted to learn to play guitar to become a musician through my first YouTube video.

This is not what I have been doing for the last 15 years. It’s about becoming a musician. You know that you try to be a good singer and a friendly person, but musicians want to feel original. If you don’t, then this is a sure sign that you are not a musician.