So you have recorded your song and spent time in the studio, and now you are wondering about the next step. Well, below are the secrets and tips on how to promote your song in Nigeria.

Suppose you are looking for the top secrets and tips on how to promote your song in Nigeria. You have actually arrived and welcome you because our guide is here to show you the unknown methods to get you on the right track.

Music decimation in Nigeria follows a typical path that includes TV and Radio play and social media, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.  However, we will talk specifically about the below channels because these avenues require grassroots efforts more than spending some Naira, which happens with the Radio and TV space.

  • Promote your music on Twitter.

Twitter is a great place to keep in touch with fans, promote your content, and get more people excited about your music. To promote music on Twitter, you need to actively update the program with new information on events, promotions, and album releases. There are other methods you can try when promoting music on Twitter.

Live tweet events. If you have your own opinion on something, give concerts to the Grammy Awards, use tweets in real time to attract fans.

Provide links to videos and music.

Master Hashtag to attract more people to your music.

Take captivating and engaging photos for your followers and make them want more.

Please take the time to respond to fans. Reply publicly, let everyone know how much you care about your fans, and send a direct message with more content to make them feel unique in contact with you.

  • Promote your music on Facebook

The best way to promote music on Facebook is to create a Facebook fan page. This way, you can connect with fans and separate your personal life from your professional one. Use our Facebook page to provide fans with necessary information about your music, provide exclusive content, and provide what fans want to know about upcoming releases of your music, concerts, and other information.

Connect with fans. Ask your fans for feedback and take a moment to respond to their comments. This will make them feel more connected to you and your music.

Connect with other artists on Facebook. If you know more pop singers or singers with similar but bigger music fans, ask if you can promote your music on their pages. This will drive what you want.

Create an event. Use Facebook to actually create an event and invite your fans to the last concert. Even if the venue has created an event, it will help spread the message to more people.

  • Promote your music on Instagram.

You can use Instagram to attract more followers. Moreover, you have to synchronize your Instagram and Facebook profiles to attract many people at the same time and use popular hashtag to increase visibility.

Similarly, you can also post pictures of the band’s rehearsals and occasionally take photos to prove that you and the band members are human.

Take some time to interact with fans. If they’ve posted a photo of your concert, you should like this photo.

Publish your content in the afternoon on weekdays. This tends to increase traffic. By praising fan photos and commenting on more images, you can get more likes on Instagram.

  • Promote music through your personal website

Social media is actually an excellent platform for promoting music, but it can also help you build a website. This will help point the fan in the right direction in the most professional way. The website should contain information that allows fans to become more excited about your music, such as concerts, music, and origin stories.

Use actual social media to promote your website and include links to your website in all social media profiles.

If you want to stand out, you should pay for your own unique domain name and website instead of promoting your brand on many other bands’ sites.

  • Distribute music online.

Make your music instantly available on Spotify, Radio Airplay, Deezer, Singrush, and iTunes. That way, the next time a venue manager or fans ask you where to find your music, you’ll look like a real pro.

When distributing and promoting music, use an audio drop. This means telling listeners where to find your music at the beginning or end of each single or the beginning and end of each album.

Use SoundCloud, ReverbNation, and Bandcamp to set up your profile. Having a spot on the major music sites helps to increase followers and fans. Invite more people to share your music via content-sharing sites like CoPromote.

Below are some common questions and answers Secrets and Tips on How to Promote Your Song in Nigeria.

How to promote your music?

Firstly use social media the right way. We all use social media. Suppose you haven’t used Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter recently. Then you are losing out because these channels help you interact with your fans directly.

How do you create a music brand?

Build a brand. Most listeners also want to stay in touch with artists and music. It’s essential to find a way to be yourself and connect with your viewers. Ideally, your potential listener will be as excited about you as your music.

How can I get more people to share your music?

Use content-sharing sites such as CoPromote to attract more people and share your music. You can find personalities like DJs, producers, and music educators who have been involved in music production for years. These people have produced educational YouTube videos focused on music promotion and have thousands of subscribers.

How do you promote your music on Twitter?

To promote your music on Twitter, stay tuned for new information about events, promotions, and album releases. When promoting music on Twitter, you can also try the following actions: Real-time Twitter activity.


The Internet has actually opened up endless possibilities for promoting your music in Nigeria. It may sound intimidating, but you can experiment and get in the way of your creativity. In today’s music industry, the key to successful music promotion is to try new things, learn from promotions on offer, make changes and optimize your career.