Labour Party: We won the election and we will prove it, Peter Obi insisted as he moved to challenge the process in the court.

As a consequence of reality and facts about the Nigerian political state of nature, many would argue that Nigerian politics are in a political quagmire and conundrum. While some would argue that it is in the best interest of the common Nigerian and African.
Politically, People have witnessed suffering, corruption, bribery, and negligence in every aspect of governing system in Nigeria and have continually hoped for reparation from the political elites.

Nigeria is a state with a population of 200 million people where 133 million live in extreme abject poverty according to living index statistics.
Nigerian people are hoping for a messiah to deliver them from political elites who vowed to thrive in bribery, corruption, and thefts, and consequentially thrive in people’s suffering and sorrow.
Nigerian youth has adopted Mr. Gregory Peter Obi as their hope who transformed and modernized Nigerian political choices and alternatives within a short span.

In recent years, the Nigerian people haven’t expressed their political choices in a democratic way until Peter Obi expresses his concern to govern Nigeria. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has dominated Nigerian politics alongside the All Progressive Congress with no other possible alternatives to the youths.
After the Nigerian federal republic returned to the democratic dispensation, no other political party has the resilience and capacity to contend with PDP the governing body that usher people with few options.

On February 6, 2003, the All Progressive Congress APC allied with minor political parties to collapse Peoples Democratic Party to preside over the Nigerian state where His Excellency, Muhammed Buhari is the principal and architect of the party and emerge as the president of Nigeria in 2015.
The two governing bodies have monopolized the Nigerian political system with no questionable effects from other political parties. The contretemps of economic and social and politics in Nigeria’s governing bodies resulted in the emergency of the Labour Party (LP) presided by His Excellency Mr. Gregory Peter Obi to seek the office of the presidency.

Many political oppositions have dealt with the Labour Party with criticism of being structureless and less beneficial to the people. While many argued that the labor party has nothing to offer the people of Nigeria and should be jettisoned as a party.
Social media structure has been the most common critical criticism Labor Party has experienced and witnessed in recent stints.
Additionally, the Labour Party structure is on social media platforms as many claimed while its followers work tirelessly and obediently to demonstrate that their structure is based on the Nigerian masses’ choice.

The Labour Party supporters have curated and coined a well-explicit term referred to as “The Obedient Movements“. Lots of Nigerian musicians, Nollywood actors, actresses, and comedians have chaired the movement with their supporters.
Nigerian Labour Congress, Olusegun Obasanjo, the formal President of  Nigeria, the friendly group Aniferere, and other prominent members of Nigeria have endorsed the candidacy of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi.

Peter Obi is well known for his curiosity to move Nigeria from consumption to production. And his manifesto has detailed his actions and activities in a basic manner if elected as president.
His integrity, truthfulness, resilience, hardworking, industrious character, morality, and personality have instantaneously enhanced and allegorically helped him for wider recognition, distinction, and encomium.

His compassion and kindness toward the poor and the needy bring into the world a man that will change Nigerian choices in the political facets. Peter Obi Gregory (Okwute) is the man whom every Nigerian youth speaks to everywhere and hopes for a revival of democracy in Nigeria.
The Nigerian youths also believed firmly and consistently that Labour Party known as the Obedient movement is the principal figurehead from which liberation, the glory of Africa, and emancipation will occur.

Peter Obi’s popularity in Nigeria’s political system has resulted in controversial interpretations from different folks and political opponents.
Labour Party the structureless body has entirely surprised politicians across the globe and within the Nigerian territory on 25th February 2023, the day Nigerian choices were heard with their permanent voter’s card (PVC), and the Labour Party Won one of the most commercial state in Nigeria.

The newly registered party labor party won 12 states including, Lagos state the commercial center for Nigerians, the Federal capital territory, Abuja, and Plateau state, a stronghold of the People Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress.
Interestingly, the Nigerian electoral act as amended introduced BVAS for uploading results in real-time and transmitting them to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) server for credibility, fairness, and transparency.

The INEC chairman Mahmood Yakubu has assured the Nigerian people of credible and fair elections by using the BVAS mode to transmit all the election results in real-time with hassle-free methods in all the polling units across the country.
However, the INEC chairman’s promise was not totally fulfilled on Election Day as many polling units’ results were not uploaded in real-time data which prompts reactions from Nigerian citizens and international communities.

After the process of declaring openly the winner of the Nigerian presidential election, in which Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressive Candidate won 12 states with millions of votes and became the overall winner. Many Nigerians have questioned the process of the Independent National Electoral Commission election process as illegal, manipulative, and falsified and vowed to retrieve their mandate through the court process.

Politically and evidently, the (NNPP) New Nigeria political party, Action Democratic Party, (ADC) the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), and the Labour Party (LP) have refused to acknowledge Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s victory in the alleged election rigging from the opposition party All Progressive Congress. The Labour Party, People’s Democratic Party, and other political parties have claimed victory and vowed to challenge the Independent National Electoral Commission presidential process in a definitive and calm situation in the court.

Peter Obi has explicitly filed a lawsuit against the Independent National Election Commission, All Progressive Congress, and Ahmed Bola Tinubu and insist to access INEC results materials which the courts are okay with and authorize.

Peter Obi’s press conference remark after the elections has received more reactions from the international community and Nigerians living in the diaspora.

If you must be referred to as “Your Excellency”, then the process through which you arrived in the office must be excellent”, Peter Gregory Obi.

In addition to the following questions and answers regarding whether the Labour Party won the Nigerian presidential election, it is advised, obligatory, and mandatory for the court of law to determine the ongoing lawsuit.

The world can be a better place to live in where justice is served to the downtrodden.