How to make money online is so broad because there are tons and opportunities for entrepreneurs, and success also depends on many factors. So we would like to take the time to answer this question for you.

Want to earn money from the comfort of your home during the coronavirus pandemic? Or do you want to know how to make money online to raise funds for travel after the coronavirus dries up? The below jobs are actually the best ways how to make money online in 2024.

The list is complete but not exhaustive, but we created this to make people aware of the possibilities. Sometimes it’s an online job like letter writing or drop shipping that can help you start a new career or a hustle that gives you some extra money during the pandemic.

From online agency sales to personalized online concierge planning services. Many entrepreneur-minded individuals have opportunities that offer a lot of flexibility and mobility.

Similarly, doing business online is generally less expensive and bureaucratic, with lower overhead costs than doing business at home.

Below are the top forty ways to make money online in 2024

  1. Create your own blog

Making money blogging is more realistic than you think. Bloggers make money by promoting related businesses. When a user actually clicks on an affiliate link to make a purchase, the site owner receives a commission. One of my blog is generating tons of dollars from Google Adsense program and I have also partnered with many companies for adverts. There are even so many other ways to make money from your blog. And those are below ways you can actually make money.

  • Advertising

This is undoubtedly the oldest way to make money from a blog. Besides, it has become less common. You can sell your ads directly on the website or register with companies like Google AdSense and In any case, your ad won’t show much money until you see thousands of page views per day.

  • Products

You can actually even create your very own products, such as e-books and computer software. Then use your actual blog as a promotional tool to attract people to buy your product.

How to make money online

As long as you create a legitimate, high-value product, it would help attract buyers, but you need the traffic to get sales like any other content on your blog.

  • Services

We can provide paid services, such as life guidance, blog guidance, goal setting, and financial planning. Investigate all the legal implications and avoid pretending to be a non-expert. Services like this basically use blogs to promote themselves. You need to convince people that they should buy and maintain your claim after they purchase your service.

  • Member Networks

Many member networks can promote other people’s products and services, such as FlexOffers and CJAffiliate. Just place an actual link or even a banner on your page, and you will get a certain percentage when someone clicks to buy a product/service. In particular, you need to choose products that belong to the blog category, which is an effective way to make money after traffic reaches your blog.

  • Membership

Many people create paid membership areas on their blogs. This is typically proprietary content and can only be accessed in the “Members Area.” If you actually have a great idea of what to include, it may be a good idea. You need to create content that is not easily accessible on the web.

  • Video

This can be part of the whole. Many people make money on YouTube. Evan on EvanTube is still a child, but he made millions of dollars by commenting on other products used by children of the same age. Getting millions of views is no easy task, but once done, money starts to flow. Many bloggers watch the video in its entirety by creating a video blog to express their opinion.

  • Paid or Sponsored Posts

Many blog owners will publish content or articles from advertisers. As a general rule, sponsored posts are posts about a particular brand, product, or service. The company pays you to publish an article about it. The same applies to other paid publications. Basically, sell articles on your website. If you actually decide to take on this approach, you will want to increase traffic before receiving many offers.

  • Subscriptions Services

If you are thinking about subscriptions that you regularly offer on a specific but regular interval, you can offer a subscription service. There is an actual flat fee may be charged each time the product is shipped or monthly. In any case, this should only be what your customers can get by subscribing to your website.

  1. Participate in marketing research.

Online surveys don’t generate much revenue, but you can make a few dollars here and there. Many research sites use gift cards to pay, but some places (like brand research) allow you to cash out income through PayPal or direct deposits. By completing regular surveys and earning points, you can become a Brand Elite member and receive additional benefits and bonus points.

I have checked dozens of paid search sites, but most of them are corporate scams, so be careful when giving personal information to unfamiliar brands.

  1. Get cashback and rewards for purchases.

Cashback and Rewards apps and browser extensions help you save everything from groceries to books. Likewise, you don’t make a lot of money, but you can keep what you already bought. I like Capital One Shopping the most. This is because it can be used in your favorite stores like Overstock, Vitacost, and eBay.

If you are already using Capital One, you can create a Capital One trading account using your regular bank connection. Registration is a quick process, even if you are not using Capital One. Once you make an account and receive a browser extension, Capital One will notify you when you shop if the seller has a discount. Gift card benefits are available at Wal-Mart, Redbox, Sephora, and other retail stores.

Note. When you use the provided link to obtain the Capital One Shopping extension, Capital One Shopping will process the payment.

  1. Complete Micro tasks

Multitasking is actually and even one of the easiest ways to make money online. However, micro-manufacturing requires a minimum wage. Similarly, make some money monthly to watch videos, play games, and use search engines. Other firmware sites pay users to view content, validate data, or test applications and sites.

  1. Replace and sell your old phone or unused equipment

I actually used to keep all my old laptops and phones, even if I upgraded to a newer model. That changed when I found sites that could sell old electronic goods. I recently got $ 60 for an old iPhone 7 in the closet for two years. The site provides an instant quote and the best price guarantee. Similarly, you can scale this if you are good at bargaining. For example, you can find bargain electronics at estate sales and offer a service to sell them for those who can’t do it themselves, like the elderly.

  1. Become a broker

Reviewers help writers, bloggers, and even forensic reporters ensure grammatically correct content. The role of the reviewer is to re-check after the author and editor have completed their work. Look for errors in the content that you may have missed before. Find out how to make money with testimonials. This is a better and great opportunity you need to grab and start earning money.

  1. Become A virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant is the perfect name for people who provide online services to businesses and small businesses. Services range from graphic design to blogging and email marketing. My best friend started working as a virtual assistant after the birth of my first child.

She pays $ 35 an hour and provides writing and email services to local businesses. Working as a freelance writer increases your hourly wage, but it has the disadvantage that you have to look for work for yourself.

Another option is to work with a well-known virtual assistant company with consistent customer traffic but low hourly rates.

  1. Manage Facebook Ads for Business.

Facebook actually makes money by allowing companies to promote their products and services in the news feed. Most small business owners even do not understand the value of Facebook advertising for their business.

By learning how to communicate, you add value to attract new customers and increase brand awareness. You can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 per month for all subscribers. First, contact a small business owner in your area or take an online course to teach you how to manage Facebook Ads and get started booking customers.

  1. Take digital courses

Digital courses are one of the best ways to earn money online today. Outschool is a teacher recruitment platform specifically designed to help developers of online courses monetize their knowledge. His courses cover both architecture, yoga, and the study of Pokémon characters. According to data from the site, regular teachers earn $40 an hour and do not need any educational experience to use Outschool.

  1. Teaching English as a Second Language.

I am a VIP kid’s teacher, but honestly, it is a legal way to earn money online. VIPKid employs native English speakers to teach English to children. Most of the children live in China. Your salary depends on your level of educational experience and the status of the presentation interview. When I worked in the company, I had no experience and could earn anywhere from $2,500 to $ 5,000 per month teaching part-time. Check out VIP children’s teacher reviews to fully understand its pros and cons.

  1. Sell unused gift cards.

If you actually have an unwanted gift card, you can sell it in Raise. By accessing the gift card, Raise will display the estimated selling rate. You can actually change this to set the price you think is reasonable.

You can publish the gift card on Raise for free, but after the sale, the website will deduct 15% of the sale price and charge the remaining 85%. For example, if you sell a $50 gift card for $45, the profit is actually $6.75, and the buyer gets $38.25

  1. Become a tutor

With the various training sites available, you can make a decent living and earn income by teaching everything you know online. Some sites have a list of fees that you can mimic. Similarly, start looking for customers by creating a profile on sites like And depending on your subject area and whether you want to teach face-to-face or online, you can also advertise on Craigslist or your local school.

  1. Sell clothes that you don’t want to wear.

Actually, one of the easiest ways to make money online is by selling things you don’t use anymore. If your clothes are designer and in high demand, you can earn more by listing them separately on Postmark or eBay.

eBay shopping

On the other hand, and actually, if the demand for a product is not very high or you even don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling the product yourself, you can order a cleaning kit from thredUP. Pack your bags and get paid if you can sell. Local alternatives can be found at Pratt’s Closet or Buffalo. (But in my experience, you don’t make as much money as you sell clothes online.

  1. Project Payday

Project Payday is one of the sites for getting feedback from people who have earned thousands of dollars in trial payments. I’m not saying you make thousands of dollars, but it’s legal, and you can make some extra money. They think that when you pay for a free trial, you both like the product and buy it, or you have to pay because you forgot to cancel the trial. If you can track and cancel before downloading (if you don’t need the product), this is an excellent place to make some money.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is an excellent place to earn or spend money when you need specific services offered by people. Virtually all of the prices are $5. Pay $5 or load $5. I call them “concerts.” You can provide the service in any way. If you sell art for $ 5 and sell great works, it’s a gig.

Similarly, if you are actually a graphic designer and want to offer a service for $ 10 per hour, you only need to provide a 30-minute concert. If you need 2 hours of graphics, you will need to pay $ 20 or $ 10 per hour to purchase four shows.

  1. IZEA

IZEA can be used as a blog plugin or by yourself. You can make money blogging, tweeting, filming, and video. Your salary mainly depends on your followers, so if you want to make money from tweets, you need to increase your Twitter followers. Likewise, if you’re going to make money blogging, you will need a lot of blog traffic.

  1. Have you heard of Amazon-FBA?

The abbreviation of “Fulfilled by Amazon” is growing in popularity. Basically, buy items (preferably in bulk) and ship them to Amazon for storage. When an item is sold, Amazon packages, ships, and ships it (upon receipt). Some people work full time for a living, while others earn money just to make money.

  1. CraigsList

Some things don’t work well. Others can cause discomfort when selling to people across the country. If you are selling bulky items or don’t want to ship, Craigslist is for you. It’s easy to list which items can be auctioned off (get some great photos again!). If you don’t like the idea of ​​putting your phone number there, you can send a message to the inbox without the parties receiving your email address.

  1. eBay

Obviously, I don’t see any article about making money online that doesn’t mention eBay. You can open an eBay store and take it seriously or sell something to clean your house. Either way, I’m a big part of eBay sales, and it’s still a popular way to make money. If you choose to open a real eBay store, you need to find a shipping company like Doba that can store and ship your products directly to customers, so you don’t have to deal with your inventory.

  1. Etsy

If you love and want to create arts and crafts, you can sell them on Etsy. The opening of the Etsy store is completely free. All you actually have to do is go and register, post a photo of your work, and start selling. You can choose the payment method that you actually most comfortable with, like square or PayPal. Etsy makes it easy to sell and track inventory. The auction fees are not high, and they charge you 3.5% of each sale.

  1. Facebook

Facebook currency exchange store is a great place to sell things locally. Similar to CraigsList, but lighter. Just search for a grocery store in your area and ask them to join the group. After entering, please take a photo of the product, write a brief description of the price, and post it. Nothing could be simpler than that. In general, you can expect to earn more from the sale of your garden.

  1. Receive payment for testing websites

Site testers will comment on the design and user experience of the site. This allows companies to make changes to their website to improve the user experience (and preferably increase sales). For sites like User Testing, you can earn $10 for every 15-20 minutes of testing. The test consists of a screen capture of feedback and answers to follow-up questions. Find other places where you can get paid to test your site.

  1. Write letters to website owners and businesses.

Writing is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to make money online. You don’t need impeccable grammar skills or tons of folders to become a freelance writer. You can use individual blog posts, newsletters, or previously written articles as working examples. Join ProBlogger and Freelance Writing job boards and start serving your customers.

  1. Graphic design for local companies

As you roam the neighborhood and town, you’ll find lots of poorly designed local shops. But with increasingly user-friendly tools like Adobe Illustrator and Visme, most people with innovative thinking and motivation can make money online by becoming a graphic designer for a local company. You can also create a website exclusively for designing logos, banners, favicon, and other graphic designs related materials.

  1. Create audiobooks for making money online (at home).

The audiobook industry is booming, but only 5% are written in audio format. If you have an acting background, or if someone says you have a say in the show, you can make money by recording an audio version of an independent and popular book.

There are websites that specialize in connecting authors and audiobook artists. So if you are a writer who wants more sales opportunities or you are actually a talent looking for additional income, you can sell your expertise and talent online.

  1. Record a podcast and share an inspiring story

Podcasts are currently top-rated, and for a good reason. As our lives get busier, more and more people are looking for passive ways to get content. This is an excellent opportunity to build an audience for them and make money online.

There’s enough time to build enough audience to attract advertisers and other ways to generate additional revenue from podcasts. Still, chances are even after everything starts with the podcast host and the start of the show.

It still exists. John Lee Dumas interviews people in his on Fire podcast entrepreneur seven days a week and now earns over $200,000 a month. In fact, John actually publishes all his income online, showing that his income has been around $ 13 million since its inception in 2012.

  1. Create an online course to expand your knowledge

If you are already a topic expert (as a current job, freelancer, or coach), you can pack this knowledge into a high-quality course and sell it in the next few years.

Creating, launching, and marketing courses online requires a lot of foundation, but the revenue potential is still great (especially compared to many other ways to make money online).

Courses and other knowledge products (such as e-books) are known as passive income. This only means that you will do regular maintenance and marketing once you put in your first time and energy and continue to sell and profit for months or years.

  1. Start tutoring online and sell your suggestions

As well as selling freelance services, you can also sell your knowledge and advice in areas where you are good at coaching and consulting. Many people are willing to pay for your time if you can pay the professionals yourself.

Being an online coach or consultant does not provide clients with continuous results (for example, in the case of freelancers) and teach clients faster than their competitors and make money online. It is an excellent way to do it. Your expertise will be the product you want to sell.

  1. Create and sell software

Currently, there is an urgent need for useful software. Whether it’s an important consumer application, a professional application that solves a particular niche problem, or a time-consuming game that you can play on your mobile phone. As long as you create software that can help people, you can build a successful business.

  1. Become an Instagram influencer

You can make money fast online by adding followers to your Instagram account. Big brands, hardware makers, and even startups are willing to pay $500 to $5,000 or more for every post that stands in front of their audience.

More and more audiences on Instagram are getting harder and harder. Still, suppose you already have a solid niche and regularly use a great camera to capture high-quality Instagram photography content. In that case, you only need to make a few small adjustments to make an impact.

Check out this great article on Shopify to learn how to build and grow Instagram followers to get started. With more and more subscribers, you can begin blogging and create a business plan for your blog to take it to the next level.

  1. Consulting on local business issues

If you have acquired valuable skills or have been certified in the industry over the years, consulting services for local business owners are a rewarding way to make money online. Whether you are a professional marketer, business strategist, or production fanatic, local business owners may be willing to pay you to solve company problems.

Start with my guide to starting a freelance (consulting) business, and then use my breakdown to create useful cold emails to convince local small business owners to hire you.

  1. Sell stock images to make money online.

If you love photography and are talented, you can become a stock photographer and make money online selling your images to companies like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto.


You will be charged when someone allows you to send the photo. For real success, submit your portfolio and create your own photography website to start your job search for high-paying private sector companies.

  1. Start an online T-shirt business

It’s hard to know how much people like T-shirts. With the right niche, marketing tools, and tools in place, you can start an online T-shirt business to make more money online while you sleep. (Even Bloomberg and Forbes tell the stories of entrepreneurs.)

Some essential services like TeeSpring make it easier than ever to sell, print, and ship T-shirts. Responsible only for design and marketing. Alternatively, you can also join a mature franchise company like Rhea Lana that sells trendy and affordable baby clothes.

  1. Sell your experience on Clarity. fm

Suppose you have a lot of experience and knowledge in a particular business area. In that case, there are hundreds (or even thousands) of business owners looking to change jobs and bother their heads.

This is actually a more expedient way to make online cash and hone your consulting and freelancing skills. Sites like allow entrepreneurs and business owners to create personal profiles to prepay and book calls for a specific period of time.

Whether you’re an expert in startup capital, app building, or restaurant management, you can sell a few minutes to someone who needs to make money.

  1. Answer professional questions with JustAnswer

If it’s not clear yet, information and experience are the two most consistent and profitable ways to make money online. If you don’t like calling, you can register on JustAnswer and get paid for answering professional questions.

Lawyers, doctors, vets, and others seek help and ask thousands of questions every month. To apply, you need to provide professional proof, a resume, and proof of identity.

  1. Create an App

If you are not a developer, this idea of ​​making money can be a little confusing for you. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent your application from including programming skills.

Today, marketers are finding affordable developers to build applications on the Freelancer platform.

If you want to monetize your app, the best option is to add them to Google Play and the App Store. It may sound counterintuitive, but using a free app offers many advantages over a paid app. The free app allows you to add ads and advanced features to help you make money. Free apps attract more people and are easier to sell.

  1. Perform excellent translation work

Similarly, if you need to make money now, translation jobs are a niche market with underserved services. To be successful, you must be fluent in at least two languages. Therefore, it is advisable to make money if you are a bilingual person or learning a popular language in school.

You must prove your translation skills. If you actually possess a language degree or experience as a translator, be sure to include a sample portfolio. Most companies require translation tests. Remember that you must be fluent in the translation language of the application. Therefore, you cannot use translation tools.

  1. Drive

If you have a dependable car, you can earn some pocket money as an Uber driver or courier. Even if you do not have a car, you can use a bicycle or moped as a delivery man. Uber drivers who want to make more money on their vehicles can use Free Car Media to turn their cars into ads.

Your car will be actually wrapped in a removable vinyl sticker. Uber drivers can also sell goods by car. As a driver, you often start talking about yourself and the lives of your passengers.

How To Make Money With services like uber Want to know how to drive Uber fast and make money? If you actually have your own side business, you can show your product to interested passengers. But if you’re interested in a product, you can sell it under the driver’s seat so passengers can check it out. If a customer actually does not have cash, they can use Uber’s tip feature to request payment.

  1. Become a Twitch Streamer

Twitch streaming is actually becoming more and more popular. Since it was initially a gaming platform, it quickly evolved to include other types of content. To make money on Twitch right away, you need to get more followers. Streaming to Twitch helps you quickly reach a significant number of viewers.

There are five ways to make money through your Twitch channel: product sales, brand sponsorships, fundraisers, subscriptions, and Twitch ads. As a Twitch streaming media player, focus on using all five revenue generation methods to maximize your financial benefit. Twitch can make more money than YouTube, making it one of the most lucrative video creators’ ideas.

  1. Sell domain names

If you regularly actually buy a domain name but do not use it, you can always sell it at a profit. However, the competition for the sale of domain names is very high. If you have a .com domain name, you have several sales opportunities. High search volume keywords also sell well.


Besides, the popular domain names at the time also had many sales opportunities. For example, a year ago, it was easier to sell a fine-tuned domain name than it is today. You can actually search for available domain names and purchase your own domains through Shopify’s domain registration platform.

You can sell your domain name at GoDaddy Domain Auction. Check the domains with the highest prices to find out which types of domains sell best. This will help you understand if your domain name is worth selling and how much money you can make.

How to make money online from websites and blogs?

Well, one of the actual oldest ways to make money online is through your own website. Select a market segment, generate traffic, and sell that traffic to a product or service.

How many people use the Internet to make money?

There is no better time to build a business and make money online. With over 3.2 billion people actively using the Internet, we are changing the way we do business worldwide.

Can you really make money online?

Besides, earning money online is a dream come true for many. When they find a way to make money from websites and other online businesses, they quit their jobs; focus on starting a business, spending more time with their families, and ultimately their time. And you can take control of your life back.

What are the standard ways to make money online? Seven real ways

Start with the assignment. Start your list with one of the most popular ways to make money online.

  • Make money with affiliate marketing.
  • Become an influential person.
  • Publication of e-books.
  • Consider freelancing.
  • Become a writer.
  • Create a side concert.
  • We’ll do the translation work.

How can you make money with Google?

You can then associate a search engine with your Google Adsense account to make money. Adsense is a free program that allows you to quickly and easily display Google ads on your results page. When users click an ad in search results, they receive a portion of their advertising revenue.

Can working online really make money?

There are thousands of real jobs online to make money instantly. Most college students are willing to make money online in their free time instead of wasting time on Facebook chat. There are actually thousands of websites that promise payment, but it ends up being like spam.

Which is the best type of website should I make money on?

An e-commerce website is one of the best ways to make money online. and are good examples of successful e-commerce websites. They sell thousands of products in different categories and make most of their profit from selling their products. If you actually want to take full advantage of all the products sold online, this type of website is for you.

Is online work real?

Most real-world online jobs like pay-per-click, survey jobs, and blogging don’t require you to invest money first. It all actually depends on your willingness to invest here. If you don’t, you can still make money for free. Never take part in online jobs that require a registration fee.

How do beginners make money online?

Next, you need to blog on your website. Once you have over 30-40 blogs on your website and get a lot of traffic. You can actually sign up with Google Adsense and make money from your blog! The easiest and easiest way to make money online is through affiliate marketing on this list. Google Adsense also pay very well if your website is driving substantial traffic.


It was during my last year in college that I first realized that I could make money online.

I browsed Pinterest when I saw an article on how you can make a living online. Like any other free spirit, it was my dream when I was twenty. So, of course, I actually asked myself, “How can I make money online and have the freedom to do what I loved.

I decided to investigate if other people live that lifestyle via the Internet or mobile networks. And I found that thousands (or millions) of people are making money online every day.

When I realized that there were many legitimate ways to make money online, I decided to give it a try. Since then, my annual income from working on laptops has reached thousands of dollars. And getting started isn’t as hard as you might imagine.