An uplifting and moving new song called “Love Me First” was recently published by the famous Nigerian female gospel singer, composer, and preacher Chidinma. Chidinma, widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s most gifted musicians, has once again demonstrated her mettle with robust voice and emotionally charged lyrics.

A gorgeously arranged gospel hymn, “Love Me First” exhorts its audience to put their faith in God first. Her exceptional contributions to the music industry have also earned her critical praise and a slew of honors.

Chidinma has become a prominent character in gospel music, which has had a significant impact on the Nigerian music landscape. She stands out from other singers in the business with her powerful vocals, captivating lyrics, and emotional performance.

As an artist, Chidinma demonstrates her range and consistency in “Love Me First” by consistently using her songs to convey positive messages about love. The song’s encouraging melody and meaningful lyrics will appeal to listeners of gospel music and beyond.

“Love Me First,” the new single by Chidinma, is streaming now on all the main platforms. Keep on

New music eventually becomes the kind that lifts your spirits instead of lowering them, and it also becomes a timeless classic with an allure that deserves a spot on your playlist.

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